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Terry Fox School's Terry Fox Run

Posted by slazarus on October 18, 2017 at 02:14 pm

By: Terry Fox Elementary School Staff


This year instead of a walk through the neighborhood streets, we prepared for an actual Terry Fox run within the confines of our vast school yard. Students learned the importance of moving regularly and spent weeks training for the run in their physical education classes. To encourage finding sponsors, students read morning messages on the intercom during the weeks leading up to the date to raise awareness and generate excitement.



On Thursday September 28 we held our run; luckily with great weather! We were fortunate enough to have Eddy Nolan, Terry Fox Run veteran and cancer survivor come and speak to the entire school; students, staff and parent volunteers. He certainly motivated everyone, sharing his commitment to the cause and talking about Terry Fox’s courage and perseverance with admiration and compassion. We all got out, stretched and ran to the music; everyone was pumped and did their best without giving up.



Afterwards, kids and adults enjoyed freezies and answered trivia about Terry Fox to win prizes. We extended the deadline for donations to the Monday October 3 to increase our collection. We are proud to say we surpassed our goal.



Our extended Terry Fox school community donated $5,300 to the Cancer Foundation.  Matthew in grade 2 collected the most in the school and Mme. Nadia’s class had the highest level of participation. Thank you to Ms. Ballantyne, Mr. Bromby and Mrs. Anna for all their efforts in making a great Terry Fox Run.


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Feeding Minds (and Stomachs) at Place Cartier

Posted by slazarus on October 12, 2017 at 11:29 am

Hangry: When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.


We’ve all experienced that hangry feeling; a hunger so strong that it becomes difficult to concentrate or focus on anything besides being fed. But with Place Cartier’s Evening Food Program, students, teachers, and staff are never hangry.


Place Cartier’s Evening Food Program, an initiative cooked by Kim Macdonald – teacher and Night Manager, began with a student’s simple question: “Ms. do you have any food? I’m so hungry!” And that’s where a need was identified: are more students hungry and too nervous to ask?


“Many of our students who take evening classes come straight from work or other programs. We want to create an environment where students feel at home at Place Cartier. The Evening Food Program helps create a social atmosphere where students and teachers can chat or catch up over a cup of coffee and snacks,” explains Ms. Macdonald.



As students and teachers walk into Place Cartier during the evenings, they are greeted with coffee, tea, snacks, and are encouraged to help themselves. There’s no need to ask and it’s free! Students can also grab a bite during break time; further encouraging them to make Place Cartier’s space their own.


For 4 years now, the Evening Food Program has become a staple of Place Cartier’s Evening classes taking place Monday – Thursday, 5:30 — 9:30 PM.


The Evening Food Program is entirely subsidized by donations from the community, community vendors (bakeries, restaurants etc) and fundraising. Place Cartier accepts all types of food donations throughout the year (ex. Granola bars, fruit, coffee, juice, soup…). For more information and to make a donation please call Place Cartier at 514-694-8500.

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Lindsay Place High School Celebrates National Seniors' Day

Posted by slazarus on October 4, 2017 at 03:59 pm

By: Mario Barrette, Director, Community Services – LBPSB



To mark National Seniors Day, the City of Pointe-Claire's Aid for Seniors program invited school board officials to a special ceremony during which a tree was planted in honour of our seniors. The event was held on September 12, 2017, at the Arthur-Séguin chalet.


National Seniors Day (October 1st) is a wonderful way to celebrate the contribution of all seniors to society.


LBPSB officials planting a tree at Arthur-Seguin Chalet in Pointe-Claire in honor of National Seniors' Day.


This special ceremony was organized in partnership with students at Lindsay Place High School taking part in an inter-generational program established since 2015 by Sue Simatos, spiritual animator at LBPSB.


The same group also organized an afternoon tea for all senior residents on Friday, September 29, 2017.


The students from Lindsay Place High School and the Aid for Seniors team helped serve tea, coffee and desserts. Many also danced to the music performed by Gregg Inniss.


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Graduation & Reinvention at Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy

Posted by slazarus on October 2, 2017 at 09:05 am

True to Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy’s (GRBA) mission, its graduation ceremony was a colorful and vibrant affair where personal style and creativity were on display. We’d expect no less from the graduates of the Hairdressing, Esthetics and Electrolysis programs.


The graduation ceremony also paid tribute to the diversity of journeys that led the GRBA students to their diplomas – presented by their proud teachers. Some students made the brave choice to go back to school and discover new skills while others embarked on strengthening lifelong passions. And many students reached academic success while balancing work and family life; all while maintaining a positive attitude.



Diversity also presented itself in the rich cultural backgrounds, experiences, and interests of the graduating GRBA students; perfectly reflecting the values of inclusiveness, learning from others, and celebrating individuality.


Student valedictorians spoke to GRBA’s unique culture where obstacles are overcome and accomplishments are achieved through the dedicated support and guidance of the faculty, administration, and fellow students. This community aspect became clear as each graduate was treated to roaring rounds of applause and cheers from their classmates.



A key takeaway from the GRBA graduation was reinvention. Yes, it’s true that as the graduates begin their careers they will help their clients reinvent themselves with a new look; but this reinvention is much more profound. GRBA grads have the ability (and responsibility) to shape their clients’ confidence, give them the boost they need, and allow them to see themselves in a whole new light. It’s a major responsibility, but one that that graduates couldn’t be more prepared for.



GRBA’s grad is so much more than a recognition of acquired skills. It’s an acknowledgement of where one’s been, where one’s at and where one’s going. This graduation ceremony was both an end and a beginning and we will continue to follow GRBA students’ next steps.


Congratulations to GRBA’s graduating students!!