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PEF Newsletter - May 2019

Posted by slazarus on May 23, 2019 at 11:58 am

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Rolling Out The Red Carpet for Daycare

Posted by slazarus on May 16, 2019 at 02:10 pm

With flashing lights, freshly popped popcorn, enthusiastic fans, and some paparazzi, LBPSB’s daycare week celebration was a (literal) star-studded affair.


The Hollywood theme was deliberate. Across LBPSB there is a clear consensus among students, teachers, administrators, staff and families: daycare staff are our brightest stars. And what better way to celebrate daycare staff than shining a spotlight on all the incredible work they do?


Each year, LBPSB honours its daycare technicians, educators, lunch supervisors and staff with Daycare Week. Throughout the week each students and families hosted special celebrations for the daycare staff. These events are opportunities to share stories, recognize moments of going above and beyond expectations, and to offer daycare staff ‘star’ treatment.


While there is a consistent theme across our daycares: exceptional work ethic, nurturing, creativity, creating safe places, and plenty of fun; each daycare has a unique story. This year, all the daycares were able to focus the attention (and the cameras) inward. Each daycare created their own movie poster, showcasing their staff and culture. As well, many daycares prepared videos of their staff and students ‘in action’ and these videos were compiled into a moving and hilarious short film; transforming the Daycare Week celebration into a Hollywood movie premiere.


The celebration was also a great opportunity for daycare staff from ‘across the board’ to network, catch up, build new friendships and strengthen existing ones. One of the joys of daycare week is recognizing both the similarities and differences of each daycare and every daycare worker.



Johanne Levac, Manager of Daycare Services welcomed everyone to the celebration and recognized the hard and crucial happening at our daycares every day. Tom Rhymes, Assistant Director General also offered words of gratitude. Mr. Rhymes emphasized how the work done and moments experienced in daycare often carry LBPSB students through their entire journeys; leading up to the crossing the graduation stage.


Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s daycare week such a success, and a huge thank you to all daycare staff for the incredibly valuable work they do!

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Kingsdale Giving Gardens

Posted by slazarus on May 8, 2019 at 08:12 am

By: Suzannah Bartlett


So FINALLY Spring is here!! We were so excited this week to be able to prepare our raised garden boxes for new plants to go in!
We dug out all the old plants from last year and tidied the ground around the boxes.
Each grade level has adopted a box this year and have plans to plant everything from squash to strawberries....and broccoli to basil!
We can't wait for everything to start growing!
we are building a painted rock garden at the front of the school...from a design put together by our ECO FREAKO team which will be the first thing people see when they visit!