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Beechwood WINS CBC's Music Challenge

Posted by slazarus on December 15, 2017 at 03:47 pm

It's hard to put the musical talents of Mr. Hanash and Beechwood's grade 5 and 6 students' into words.


So we won't.


Watch and hear for yourself:



Beechwood's performance WON CBC's Elementary Music Challenge; where 140 elementary schools across Canada submitted their performances.


Beechwood was the only elementary school representing Quebec. What an amazing accomplishment!


Read what the judges had to say about Beechwood's performance:


Mind blown! Teacher Paul Hanash and the grades 5 and 6 students from Beechwood Elementary have very enthusiastically and skillfully mashed up our two most popular songs this year. According to Hanash, "in keeping with students from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds coming together in one classroom, we decided to bring together two songs in one medley. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to this rendition as much as the students enjoyed singing and performing it." We did! Great job.

Judge's comment from the team at MusiCounts: “Loved the arrangement! Good flow back and forth between the two songs, and also very technically strong.”

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Math Olympics: Adding Fun to the Equation

Posted by slazarus on December 8, 2017 at 11:39 am

After weeks of rigorous mathematical warm-ups, focused calculations, racing against the clock, and practicing staying calm, cool, and collected under pressure it was time for LBPSB’s Math Olympians and their coaches to enter the arena.


Lakeside Academy held the 1st night of the Math Olympics where student competitors from Allion, Beechwood, Children’s World Academy, Clearpoint, Dorval, Edgewater, Lasalle Sr., St. John Fisher Sr., St. Patrick, Sunshine, and Westpark elementary schools squared off.

Night 2 of the Math Olympics took place at Riverdale High School where it was time for Dorset, Evergreen, Forest Hill Sr., Kingsdale, Margaret Manson, Sherbrooke Academy Sr. Springdale, St. Anthony, St. Charles, St. Edmund, Terry Fox and Wilder Penfield to show their work.


A team of Lakeside Academy and Riverdale high school student volunteers were the ideal hosts and coordinated the Olympic proceedings by distributing the questions, scoring the questions, and watching the clock. They too spent weeks preparing for the event under the guidance of their coaches.


Participating students took their seats at desks at the front of the gyms. Each round presented a variety of sports-themed math questions. As the clock counted down, the gyms were silent (believe it or not) as the students worked quickly and diligently; never showing signs of nervousness or pressure.

In between rounds, the students raised their team spirit by cheering their friends on and congratulating other participating schools. It was a true testament to good sportsmanship.


It wouldn’t be a tangent to mention that the audience was stacked each night with cheering families, teachers, and principals showing their support and pride in these young Olympians. But the audience was a very engaged and active one; many in the crowd simulating their own competition with the students’ questions (and some getting stumped).

It was a fierce and friendly competition. The 1st night concluded with a gold medal being awarded to Westpark, silver medals to St. John Fisher Sr. & Edgewater and Lasalle Sr. taking home bronze.


Night 2 of the Math Olympics brought Dorset gold, Terry Fox and St. Edmund silver, and Wilder Penfield bronze. But in the end, every participating student was awarded with encouragement and hearty congratulations. The Director General really meant it when he said ‘everyone is a winner.’

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Welcome Back, Di Vittori

Posted by slazarus on December 4, 2017 at 11:32 am

It’s hard to describe the profound impact Mr. Tony Di Vitorri had on St. John Fisher Senior (SJFS) elementary school where he served as principal for 7 years. But ask any student, teacher, staff member, or alumni about Mr. Di Vitorri and their smiles say it all.


A new chapter began for Mr. Di Vittori at the start of this school year as he became principal at Children's World Academy. Not unlike students starting a new school, Mr. Di Vittori was excited for a new opportunity, but knew he’d never forget his students, staff, and memories from St. John Fisher Senior.


And St. John Fisher Senior showed Mr. Di Vittori just how much he meant to them.



Since the beginning of the school year, SJFS was working hard on a fitting tribute for their principal. In a moving video, each student recorded a personal message for Mr. Di Vitorri: wishing him the best of luck on his new school, thanking him for making SJFS a safe, caring, and peaceful school, and sharing funny stories.



The entire school gathered for an assembly to honor Mr. Di Vitorri. All of SJFS donned ties as a tribute to Mr. Di Vitorri’s signature style. When the guest of honor walked in, the crowd erupted in cheers and a standing ovation.


Once the crowd settled, a musical tribute began, followed by screening the students’ video. Students then offered cards and SJFS Home & School presented Mr. Di Vitorri with gifts. Yes, you guessed it: he was presented with a tie and Mr. Di Vitorri loved it.



And even as the buses arrived on a Friday afternoon, signaling the start of the weekend, Mr. Di Vitorri’s fans stayed behind to catch up with a principal who clearly made his mark.


Looking forward to your next visit Mr. Di Vittori!

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Wilder Penfield & Terry Fox Students Serve Soup and Smiles to Seniors

Posted by slazarus on December 1, 2017 at 11:04 am

Grade 6 students at Wilder Penfield and Terry Fox elementary schools helped brighten some seniors’ days at Carrefour des ainés de Pierrefonds.


Every Wednesday a team of eager students volunteer to host the senior center’s lunch hour. As soon as they arrive there’s no time to waste as tables must be brought out and chairs arranged. But this task never phased the students. They worked quickly and efficiently; always surprising the seniors.



Once the set-up is complete, the students move to the kitchen, where they’re each assigned a task. While serving soup, bread, and crackers the students made sure to ask their new friends about their days and if there was anything else they could do for them.



As the seniors were wrapping up their lunch, the students were brought out to be introduced and thanked for their amazing kitchen skills. The seniors showed their thanks with a roaring round of applause!


Suddenly, it was time for the students to clean up. They cleared and cleaned the trays, put the tables away and stacked the chairs in a matter of minutes. While the lunch hour went by quickly, the seniors and the students had a great time and learned a lot from each other.


The partnership is Carrefour des ainés de Pierrefonds has become a highlight for Wilder Penfield and Terry Fox. It’s a tradition that will continue to grow as students are signing up to volunteer in record numbers!