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Lindsay Place's Rhythm & Words

Posted by slazarus on May 17, 2018 at 04:35 pm

Lindsay Place High School students are participating in a one-of-a-kind project with Blue Metropolis.


12 teams of Sec 3-4 students wrote, recorded, and shot music videos for bilingual songs with the theme of social inclusion.


Check out these incredible pieces below, and be sure to rewatch your favorite videos as the the team with the most views will win $1,000. Voting ends June 17, 2018.


Happy listening/watching!



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Music Monday at Forest Hill Sr.

Posted by slazarus on May 14, 2018 at 08:50 am

By: Carole Corman, Forest Hill Sr.


On Monday May 7th, there was a celebration at Forest Hill Senior Elementary School in St. Lazare. 
It was part of a greater celebration all across Canada called Music Monday that promotes music in the schools.
All of the great Forest Hill Family was invited; past, current and future students and their parents as well as past and current staff. 
The band was created for the occasion and was all made of former students: 
Morgan Weinmeister (voice), Noah Cohen (guitar), Corrado Johnston (bass), and AJ Aboud (drums). 
There were also special guests who performed: Mr. Arless (a former F.H. teacher) and his St. John Fisher choir. 
What a turnout! Over 300 people came and joined in - all singing and dancing! 
The power of music is strong at Forest Hill! 

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Indigenous People's Celebration — Spring Pow Wow

Posted by slazarus on May 9, 2018 at 12:13 pm

The cheers and joy were palpable at Lindsay Place as its gymnasium was transformed into a moving and engaging Pow Wow as part of Indigenous People’s Celebration day.


This year’s Indigenous People’s Celebration is the result of dedicated focus and hard work by Sue Simatos, Spiritual Animator at Lakeside Academy, Lindsay Place High School, John Rennie High School and St. John Fisher Sr. In preparation for the Spring Pow Wow these students have spent months learning about the history of human rights violations of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, along with the profound meanings and history of the drum, the dance, and the traditions behind the Pow Wow.

The spirit of this Pow Wow was in line with Indigenous People’s tradition of Nations coming together as a community while honouring and paying tribute to individual cultures, colours, and identities.


As the students and teachers entered the Pow Wow arena, Ray Deer of Kahnawake, the Pow Wow MC welcomed all attendees and explained the significance of the Pow Wow and how the event would proceed. Michel Tremblay, Arena Director was then introduced and the Pow Wow was  officially opened with Michael Rice, Elder, who gave the Mohawk Thanksgiving Address.


Distinguished guests Honourable Geoffrey Kelley – Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, and Arsinoee Quammie, Elder Peacekeeper were then introduced and addressed the students; thanking them for participating in this important event and continuing to raise awareness of Indigenous People’s history and culture.

Finally, it was time to dance along to the music. The Buffalo Hat Singers got the crowd to its feet with a riveting drum performance. While representatives and students from the Indigenous communities led traditional dances while explaining their significance (i.e. as Indigenous communities are matriarchal societies, all girls and women were invited to partake in a dance honouring the female contributions and to express gratitude to Mother Eatrh).


The ‘teacher nation’ were invited to perform their own dance while their enthusiastic students cheered them on. Students also presented what they learned about Indigenous cultures during the Pow Wow; culminating with Ms. Reye’s Lakeside Academy students presenting a quilt they designed and crafted.


As the Pow Wow closed, students and teachers left with both a renewed sense of community and a stronger sense of self. We will continue to raise awareness of and promote and celebrate our Indigenous communities. Special thanks to Ms. Simatos, the students, and representatives from the Indigenous communities who made the Pow Wow such a success.

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Director General's Report – April 2018

Posted by slazarus on May 1, 2018 at 09:30 am

Michael Chechile, Director General of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, is always on-the-go; visiting schools and seeing students and teachers in action and witnessing months of preparation and planning come to life. Each month Mr. Chechile will present a summary of where he's been, who's he's met, and how the LBPSB community continues to impress him.


If I had to describe April in a word, it would be ‘emotional.’ We were and are reeling from the devastating events in Toronto and Humboldt. Yet during this difficult time our spirits were lifted by our students and the LBPSB family coming together to express itself through art, music, and song. Here are some of the highlights.



The Humboldt and Toronto tragedies shook us to our core. Our hearts break for the victims and their loved ones. Yet through this very dark time, some light was able to emerge. I was so proud to see so many of our students and teachers take the initiative to offer their support. From Jersey Days around LBPSB, to beautifully expressed words and art to capture the emotions, these efforts bring us together and help ease what once seemed like insurmountable pain. We will continue to offer our support and help out however we can. You are not alone.


Adult Learners’ Gala

One of the most moving and inspirational events at LBPSB is the Adult Learners’ gala and this year was no exception. Each year, we’re proud to celebrate Adult Learners’ week across all our adult and vocational centres; while the gala allows our adult learners to share stories, thank their supporters, celebrate their success and forge their future paths. More telling than diplomas and certificates, the diversity of stories and voices make the gala truly special. Representatives from each centre bravely took to the stage to recount their struggles, lessons, and accomplishments to a room filled with enthusiastic cheerleaders. The emotions were heightened and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Congratulations to all our adult learners!


TOPS - A Celebration of Creativity

Take a look around the boardroom. All these colorful, beautiful works of art were crafted by our very own elementary and high school students. These pieces are the heart of the 15th edition of TOPS; focusing on visual arts - A Celebration of Creativity! I want to congratulate and thank these students for expressing themselves through art and allowing all of us to participate in their visions. TOPS exhibits were also held at Pierrefonds Comprehensive and Lasalle Community Comprehensive High Schools. We’re also very fortunate to have our students’ work displayed at the Stewart Hall gallery in pointe-claire. We’re the first educational institution to be given this honor. A huge thank you to Frank Caracciolo, Arts Consultant, for overseeing this outstanding event. And I encourage you all to visit Stewart Hall. LBPSB art will be displayed until May 7th.


Défi Osentreprendre

LBPSB is a leader in student entrepreneurship projects. Each year many of our elementary and high schools participate in Défi Osentreprendre - a national competition. At this year’s regional awards ceremony, Beaconsfield High School’s MJMJ project and Kingsdale’s Mystery Club took home awards. And this year LBPSB was given a special honor for inspiring entrepreneurship throughout the Quebec region. Congratulations!


Administrative Professionals Day

In April we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. We cannot be without our amazing team of administrative professionals and secretaries. Thank you so much to all of you for contributing immensely to the productivity and growth of our schools and continue to brighten our days.


Elementary Choir Festival

It’s hard to capture the talent and power of the Elementary Choir Festival in words. 300 young voices from 8 elementary schools performed alongside the Lindsay Place band to a packed auditorium of parents, teachers, principals, and an incredibly moved DG. The elementary choirs spent months rehearsing while the Lindsay Place band was fine tuning its performance. Believe it or not, the performers only met and practiced as a group hours before the curtain went up. With a rendition of Hallelujah as a tribute to Humboldt, the choir festival perfectly demonstrated the healing power of music. Clips of the performances are posted on LBPSB’s Facebook page. They’re a must-watch!


Ultimate Battle of the Books/Qui Lira Vaincra

LBPSB brought home 2 literary victories this month. For the 2nd year in a row, MacDonald High School dominated the Ultimate Battle of the Book, despite tough competition from Lauren Hill Academy and Trafalgar. Way to go MacDonald High School.


Qui lira vaincra, a friendly competition promoting reading in French held its finals last week. Students from Birchwood, St. Charles & Dorval Elementary showed off their literary prowess en francais along with their ability to stay cool under pressure. It was a fierce and friendly competition. In the end, St. Charles emerged as le vainquer. I’m so glad to see reading celebrating in such a fun and creative way. I’m especially happy to report that at both the Ultimate Battle of the Books and Qui Lira Vaincra, the boardroom was packed with supporters. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for continuing to support them.


Indigenous People’s Celebration

Lindsay Place hosted our Indigenous Peoples Celebration. This year’s theme was a celebration of spring through cross-cultural music, art, dance and a Pow Wow. 450 elementary and high school students along with special guests from Indigenous community gathered for this amazing learning opportunity and exchange of experiences. Indigenous People’s Celebration has become an event not to be missed at LBPSB. We look forward to seeing this event expand throughout our community.


The school year is flying by. Hard to believe that we’re entering May. There’s no sign of the action slowing down in these last 2 months of school. Stay tuned...