Daycare Grooving and Moving into the 2019-2020 School Year

Posted by slazarus on August 30, 2019 at 08:09 am

Why step into a new school year when you can kick off the year with music, dance, movement, celebration and inspiration. Luckily, Johanne Levac, Daycare manager and the Professional Development committee, organized a day whereby almost 300 LBPSB daycare/lunch staff were able to opt for the latter approach at this year’s Working Together for Students Success professional development day.


Beaconsfield High School’s auditorium was packed with enthusiastic daycare/lunch staff in preparation for this invigorating day. Marie Wahba, Director of Educational Services, welcomed all attendees and shared a moving poem that spoke to daycare workers’ big hearts. Mme. Wahba paid tributes to the many roles daycare staff occupy for children across LBPSB.


Newly appointed Director General, Dr. Cindy Finn then greeted the crowd. Dr. Finn noted the parallels that her first remarks as Director General would be to daycare/lunch staff, as it is daycare/lunch staff who are often the first people to greet children at the start of their days, and the last ones to say goodbye as the day winds down. She also noted how daycare/lunch staff do an outstanding job of nourishing the minds, bodies, and souls of children.


Following the introductions, daycare/lunch staff attended engaging workshops covering such topics as ‘Transforming Your Relationship with Children and Not Lose Your Mind Doing it”, “Verbal De-escalation Techniques”, “Crisis Prevention and Intervention”, and “Understanding Kids that ‘Wiggle and Jiggle’. “ As the workshops wrapped up, the anticipation for the main event was building.


Finally, all attendees filled BHS’ gym as members of Kinatex Sports Physio’s team (and BHS alumni) took to the stage and led the crowd in warm-ups, freestyle, and choreographed movement, incorporating a variety of styles. The energy was outstanding. What an amazing way to launch the new year!



Welcome back to all daycare/lunch staff and thanks for all the incredible work you do!