Kingsdale's Green Initiative Updates

Posted by slazarus on April 8, 2019 at 10:51 am



We are excited to give you all the news about our upcoming projects for the Spring!



All 7 boxes have been “adopted” by classes covering all the grade levels. Every class has different ideas about what to to personalise their box and what they will learn along the way!



We got every student last year to paint river rocks in different colours and then this year’s kindergarteners did it in September. Now the snow has finally gone!!......we are about to plan and lay down the rocks in a symbolic design in front of the school to represent Kingsdale and our committment to being a peaceful school.



This project….after a few teething problems...has become a successful ongoing venture and we are proud that so many students are learning how to dispose of their waste  properly. We are excited to start using the compost tumbler we purchased last year and then use the compost in our garden boxes.



We hosted this annual event at Kingsdale last year and have handed the torch to Beechwood for their summit on May 3rd. We will be taking 4 “Eco Freakos” with us with a presentation made by the whole team showcasing what exciting green initiatives are happening at Kingsdale.


Environmentally yours,

Ms. Suzannah, Ms. Lia & Ms. Lisa