Kingsdale's WE Club Gives Blessing Bags to 'Dans La Rue'

Posted by slazarus on March 21, 2019 at 08:04 am

By: Emily Van Rantwyk-Carroll, Kingsdale Student


Hi, my name is Emily V.R.C  and I’m in the Kingsdale Me to WE group. Our latest project has been the Blessing Bags.The Blessing Bags are bags that have necessary items in them. These items were collected and donated by the Me to We teachers; Mme Robineau, Mrs. Barbara, Mrs. Tumin and Mrs. Boyd.


It took about four Me to We meetings, but with all the hard work, we finally got it done.

We first had to put the objects donated into bags, making sure each bag had the same things. We realized that after we put all the hats in, there weren’t enough hats! Luckily there weren’t that many missing though. In contrast, all the bags had  fluffy socks.


They donated items such as soaps, shampoos, body wash, granola bars,etc. The Blessing Bags were donated to “Dans la Rue” which is an organization for homeless adolescents (teens). A lot of work and time was put into making these bags.

Mme Robineau put a few people to work to loom more hats so we could get the bags done. When we were done making the hats, we put them in the bags and...Bam! - we were done the Blessing Bags. We all felt very proud of what we accomplished, and we knew they were going to kids who needed them.