LBPSB Premieres 'J'apprends à Vivre'

Posted by slazarus on May 28, 2019 at 09:23 am

J’apprends à vivre is an innovative music video experience bringing the Lester B. Pearson School Board together in celebration of its 20th anniversary.


In the buildup to the 20th anniversary it was crucial that we capture THE student voice in recognition of their accomplishments, struggles, learning and growth. However, we quickly discovered that there is no single student voice. Rather it is the collection of different student voices that tell the most compelling story, and that is the heart of J’apprends à vivre and the Lester B. Pearson School Board.


2 LBPSB graduates: Toby and Daniela composed the music and wrote the lyrics. I’m not only so proud of their talents (which are remarkable) but of their ability to convey the experiences of our youngest students; taking their first steps in our schools, as well as the experiences of our graduating students as they reflect on all their learning experiences as they embark on their next chapters.


Once the music and words were put to paper, 8 schools including elementary and high school lent their voices and their faces to the project. Since Fall 2018, music teachers from each school worked with their students to rehearse vocal and musical performances of J’apprends à vivre. Each school recorded a version of the song. As well, professional videographers visited every school to capture the students rehearsing and performing the song. It was amazing to see different schools come together in music, while presenting its unique culture and artistic spin on the song.


After months of rigorous rehearsals, 250 students came together to perform J’apprends à vivre at our TOPS concert event. It was an unbelievable performance that brought the audience to its feet. Following the performance, the musical and video recordings were mixed and edited together to create a masterpiece music video, which we’re thrilled to debut for all of you right now.


Enjoy J’apprends à vivre.