LBPSB's Deep Learning with Michael Fullan

Posted by slazarus on March 29, 2019 at 02:15 pm

“Good leaders have to be learners.”


The enthusiasm and excitement in the boardroom were palpable as teachers, administrators, and staff gathered to re-welcome Michael Fullan, Global Leadership Director of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning back to LBPSB.


LBPSB is Quebec’s early adopter of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, an innovative pedagogical framework anchored around 6 Cs: Citizenship, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Character. As the founder and leader of this movement, it was a huge honour when Mr. Fullan expressed eager interest to see how LBPSB students and teachers are taking this Deep Learning framework further.

Mr. Fullan’s visit began with an intimate conversation with LBPSB teachers in the morning. These teachers were thrilled to present their journeys towards Deep Learning and its positive impacts on students. It was an incredible opportunity as Mr. Fullan shared strategies and valuable insights while expressing his pride and amazement at LBPSB’s innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The boardroom quickly filled up in the afternoon with eager anticipation of Mr. Fullan’s presentation. Mr. Fullan shared key research and raised interesting questions about effective vs ineffective leadership. Attendees then had the opportunity to work together in shaping practical and creative ways to apply New Pedagogies for Deep Learning within and outside of the classroom. And that was only the beginning!


Later in the evening Mr. Fullan presented his research and how LBPSB adopted Deep Learning to L’AMDES (Association montréalaise des directions d’établissement scolaire) at a well-attended book launch event at La Grande Bibliothèque. LBPSB was proud to have Forest Hill Sr. students’ 6 Cs video screened for a packed auditorium of educators.

What a rewarding way to shine a light on the amazing work of LBPSB’s students and teachers.