Student - Parent - School Collaboration at Allion

Posted by slazarus on October 3, 2019 at 09:37 am

During a recent curriculum/ meet the teacher night at Allion Elementary School in Lasalle, parents in grade 4 were guided to two bulletin boards where they were asked to share thoughts and encouragements for their children by completing the following sentences:



Some examples:

When I think of my child I am proud of:

  • You never give up; you can do it; you are so talented in art; you are caring of others; determined. You have a great ability to be kind; great singer; keep making me smile and laugh; great at Math, amazing swimmer


Mon enfant, ma fierte, parce que:

  • Tres forte, sage, et aidants; bonne annee a vous tous


The students’ reaction to these statements are a treat to observe. Through this simple project the students have visible proof of how their learning support team includes their parents - a vital and important message for our cycle 3 year 1 students. Thanks Mme. Marie-Pierre and Mrs. Montelpare for providing this opportunity!